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Dear Dove, I know your game plan! 

Only a few days ago I lived in a world were soap was soap. It was something we use in our bubble baths, showers or simply to wash our hands with.

Today the soap makers are baby feeding experts and see themselves entitled to comment on how and when a baby should feed from its Mother. They even conducted “research” where they unraveled that a percentage of people asked are in fact, still ignorant and confused to as what breastfeeding actually is! Are we shocked? Not really
Let me break it down for you, Dove; and you who find breastfeeding so incredibly shocking.
It is a breast. It feeds the children it’s body produced. This is the way nature intended us to feed babies. This is natural and optimal. What’s wrong with you, if you have an issue with this? 

Do you know what’s not natural? All the chemicals in your soap- did you conduct research about that when you were busy asking irrelevant questions in regards to public breastfeeding? 

“Well Dove, my Milk Makers won’t be washed in your soap again.”

You see, I know your game Dove! So very clever! I can see how the discussion must have circulated around your sales numbers; which must be struggling a bit before you bring out the big gun (which is public breastfeeding). I can imagine how you discussed what would get you “talked about”. How you could create a campaign that “kept giving”. Maybe you discussed how you could produce the most budget cutting advert yet get the maximum spread? And then of course, some “genius” had the idea to do a completely confusing and illogical campaign. 
“We should ask people if they approve of breastfeeding, print the percentage and just pop a big picture of our product (or a sad baby) next to it”
Hey Dove! 
It’s as ingenious as it is stupid. You will be talked about in mass. Your articles shared over and over again as part of protest. You’ll even get free publicity on television by Ruth and her empathetic smile. Maybe the Loose Women will further the debate? What about Mr Right Stuff? Maybe even he will consider this a subject for debate. The breastfeeding that is, not your soap! 

On the Dove Facebook page, mothers will argue! Some will say that Dove is judging breastfeeding Mothers. Some will say that they were unable to breastfed and now they feel that Dove is on their side in the “milk wars”. Some will think that Dove are great for speaking out about the “breatstapo”.

Others will wish they didn’t attempt to benefit on a war between mothers; especially since they’ve previously made out to be on “our side”

Dove, what happened? I thought your aim was to empower women or was that just another marketing strategy? You seem to have no issues with tearing us down, in this campaign? 
Dove wants us to argue, and disagree. They want us to comment and share. So please don’t- stop doing their advertising for them. 
Don’t fall in their hands! You’re  awesome Mum that’s all that matters! This is a campaign with the aim to separate us further, a campaign that will benefit from us feeling passionate and hurt, this campaign is using the “mummy wars” to it’s advantage.
“We don’t need more cracks we need superglue”

We don’t need a percentage to tell us that some aren’t ok with public breastfeeding. We know that already! 

And heck, we don’t know who they asked these questions. We’re you asked? No? Nor was I! 

For all we know they can have focused on a sample group which was expected to reply negatively. It was very likely, well planned out and it’s working just as they wanted it too. 
Unless every single person in this country was asked, the statistics mean nothing.
The only way this awful campaign will fail is if we stop giving it air. Be enraged. Send emails of complaints en mass to Dove. Stop buying their products – but don’t share it, don’t spread it. 

Don’t help them make this campaign a success. 
If you want to shut this down, suffocate it

Much Love ❤️

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