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Can we stop talking about the “Benefits of Breastfeeding”? 

This piece is one that I hold dear. It had a huge response the first time I posted it, so I’m brining it out from it’s dusty corner and reposting it! ❤️

The Gentle Mum

As theWorld Breastfeeding Week 2017 is approaching,a UNICEF report with a four step plan, has been circulating!

Its aim: an attempt to improve the low rates of breastfeeding in the U.K. (UNICEF 2017) The rates and the reasons for these is a subject that is often avoided in the U.K as a result of the strong emotions attached! Yet, somehow, the “milk wars” gets a firmer hold for each year that passes, and with it, the resentment grows between the self proclaimed “camps”, all to the glee of the formula companies.

When I’m reading the “Call to Action on Infant Feeding in the UK” report by UNICEF something jumps of the page! I read “Powerful new evidence about the benefits of breastfeeding”

There are no benefits of breastfeeding!

You might wonder were I’m going with this so before you become concerned that I’m pushing the abandonment of breastmilk, I’ll…

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