In a world like this; is there any empathy left?

This morning I was woken by the sun streaming through the little space between the wall and the window where the blind leaves a gap. I woke up feeling calm and peaceful. I gently slipped out from under my sons arm and rolled away from my husband.

I went through to my daughters bedroom and watched her sleep so peacefully; I closed her door so I wouldn’t wake her and I walked downstairs.

As usual I made myself a cup of tea but today I took it outside. The sky was blue as far as I could see and the sun was shining with hope. I sat in silence, in a garden filled with toys and watched the sky. For a moment I forgot that this world is broken and for everyday that pass we allow it to break further.

Opening my news app as I sipped my tea, I saw headline after headline of tragic events and devastating occurrences.

It felt never ending. I scrolled and scrolled and I felt my breathing becoming more rapid, the anxiety was rising in my body.

I swiftly turned my app off and put my phone down on the frosty table.

Although the images where gone, the thoughts were still with me. What are we doing?

We have allowed the world to become a place of sorrow and grief. We watch as children starve and we read articles about children being abused in the most horrific ways and watch the news full of dread yet we somehow continue with our day.

I guess we have to, one person can’t change it all and if we constantly think of all the sad things happening around us, life would be unbearable. We just have to forget.

But we don’t forget for long, how could we?

We have world leaders who want to exclude and divide. World leaders whom can barely string a sentence together who have no understanding of kindness.

We live in a world where being selfish, crude and obscene is celebrated.

We have world leaders focusing on building walls instead of building strategies cementing the well-being of children.

A man in power who’s prepared to threaten and kill those failed by society instead of funding interventions that could heal and help those needing it before tragedy even occurs.

We live in a world where empathy is rare.

To change this world we need a generation of truly empathic people. A generation of kindness.

I wish I could finish this blog with a simple and straight to the point solution that I found randomly when browsing my way through YouTube. A solution for how we can make this world a better place in a 3-step plan.

For as long as we stand by and watch and allow these things to happen nothing is going to change.

The only way we could possibly change this world and make it a safe place for our children is by speaking up. Each and everyone of us.

We need to use our voices for those who are not able to shout load enough. Speak up louder and louder and make it heard that we need to care for our children; not exclude and reduce.

We need to meet children with love and kindness and understand that small things matter too, we have to start somewhere.

We CAN make a difference for someone.

Children have the right to be unconditionally loved and cared for. They have the right to feel safe and when this doesn’t happen we have to try to be open to see that, we have to question it and we have to speak up.

If you ever see something that worries you. Something that doesn’t feel just right, please make sure you talk to someone about it. It may seem small but as a part of a bigger picture it could really help a child who’s barely surviving in a neglectful environment.

We can’t change what has been, but with empathy we can maybe change the future.

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