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We are raising a generation of “snowflakes”

Apparently kids no longer respect their elders…

Although their elders didn’t respect them. Realistically the previous generations “respected” very little.

Women’s rights were pretty much non-existent, racism was flourishing around the world and unless you fitted in to the traditional family mould, society would cast you aside or treat you as a criminal for loving in a way this awe inspiring generation, didn’t approve off.

So when you’re telling me that “back in the day children respected their parents”; Agnes, you’re actually saying is that they were scared of you. They didn’t respect you. They might have been better at hiding their disobedience, or they may have been to frightened of getting caught and punished harshly- but that’s not respect- and realistically how could it have been, in an era that respected so little?

Engaging in an online debate about babies being left to cry earned me the nickname “snowflake”, too soft for my own good. A snowflake? Why? Because I want equal rights for everyone in this flawed world. Because I truly believe that children deserve empathy and love in the same way as a member of the older generation? Snowflake; because I want this world to be a kinder, more empathic place?

Once someone told me that for this world to change we need two generations of truly empathic parents! How this contradicts the belief that we need to revert to discipline with a slipper and a belt.

Please explain to me; why we would want to revert? What was better back then?

Frightened kids, able to hide their mistakes better? That’s it.

I think there were an equal amount of kids with lack of guidance back then, no less then there are now, they were just silenced with violence and of course take in to account that in our society it’s almost impossible to hide mistakes thanks to social media and news outlets reporting globally! We are linked more then ever. We hear and see what happens all over the world, this wasn’t always the case.

Of course my dear granny is going to sit in front of the telly, watch the news and ask herself loudly “what’s happening to the world?” And I ask myself the same thing daily but whatever it is, it isn’t due to an overpopulation of “snowflakes”.

No, the world isn’t becoming a dark place as a result of love and kindness. This is the world that was created by the generations before us- a world we are left to try and heal and change. A world with cracks to large to be fixed with a bit of super glue.

So when you hold that precious child in your arms- an important member of the next generation, and you look in to those brand new innocent eyes, vow to make this earth better for her.

Vow to show her kindness and empathy, respond to her needs day and night; as nature intended, vow to treat her with empathy and respond to her with kindness even when her temper is trying you past your limits and beyond.

After all, children do as we do, and not as we say so show them how to become empathic people and do that by treating them as the amazing human beings they already are.

This world need more snowflakes, not less.

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