Gentle Parenting

Five months of “playing teacher” is coming to an end.

In March I sat in the garden with a cuppa in hand, feeling fearful and confused. I spoke to a friend about cancelling my sons upcoming birthday party and the likelyhood off lockdown and closed schools. It all felt so surreal and frightening.

I remember saying “how on earth are we going to manage having our children home for five months… FIVE WHOLE MONTHS?

I started out feeling defeated and anxious- working from home already, I was now also going to have to wake up every day and play-pretend teacher to a 9 and 6 year old. I could feel how wrinkles were spreading and grey hairs appearing, by the minute.

That was then and now is now.

The last five months have been trying, tear inducing, frustrating and absolutely wonderful, all at once.

I have loved life slowing down. Loved being together, without so many musts.

Of course it has been frightening and there’s been days I’ve survived on only a few hours sleep, to fit work in around the dining table class room, but I truly feel I know my children better than I did before this all happened.

I have enjoyed learning more about them and who they are becoming- how sad is it that a pandemic had to happen for us to grow together! These two beings I’ve nurtured and cared for have so many quirky and funny traits I somehow missed, in our normally busy life.

Now it’s almost here- the day when I say bye at 8.30am only to pick them up, tired and grumpy at 3.30pm. Once again we will rush to fit in homework and dinners, play dates and before long, after school activities and I can honestly say I’m heart broken albeit slightly excited about the “me time” and uninterrupted workday.

I am going to miss these quirky, sassy little beings so, so much! The opportunity to just be together as we have been over lock down, will likely never return and I will treasure these memories dearly.

I am entering the new normal with one goal- to spend more time together and less time ferrying from activity to activity.

The last five months have passed in a flash just as the next year will and the year after that… before we know it, we will have all the “me time” we want but we will never get this time with our little ones back so let’s slow down. Let’s really make the most of the time we have together. ❤️

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